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About 17 Tournaments | 17 Softball

At every stage of youth travel baseball and softball, the game is constantly changing. Outfield dimensions. Pitching distances. Base paths. The one constant throughout the growth of the player is home plate. It's always 17 inches wide and 17 inches deep. While everything else is moving and evolving, the foundation is always the same.

The youth sports industry is no different with tournament organizers and events that provide wildly different experiences each weekend. Different facility quality, different rules, different customer service, different communication, etc. 17 Tournaments believes that teams, players and their families deserve better. We believe that you should be able to go to a tournament knowing exactly what to expect: good umpires, on-time schedules, quality fields and facilities, great customer service, and good, fun competition.


Our softball tournaments are played at facilities that meet our expectations of what a tournament complex should be. Our two home facilities, Sports Force Parks on the Mississippi and Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center, set the standard. While every park is not a "destination" facility, 17 Tournaments commits to only running tournaments at safe, clean, and well-maintained sports complexes that can provide an outstanding experience for players and guests alike.

Our Staff

Our professional staff has run more than 300 tournaments during the past 10 years, so you have the peace of mind that we have seen just about everything, and we know how to react. From working with coaches before the tournament to running the tournament and managing the unforeseen, 17 Tournaments is redefining the expectation of a youth baseball and softball tournament.

Tournament Schedule

We are constantly running tournaments throughout the spring, summer and fall. 17 Tournaments currently runs softball tournaments in Mississippi and Ohio.


Depending on the location and tournament, some 17 Tournaments events are partnered with USSSA, Nations Baseball, Grand Slam Tournaments and Fastpitch America Softball Association, while others are 17 Tournaments branded events. Tournaments that do have a sanctioning partner are clearly identified as such so that coaches and teams can see before signing up.

Baseball & Softball Tournaments

17 Tournaments hosts both baseball and softball tournaments throughout the year. Regardless of the sport, age, skill level, or sports complex -- teams will receive the same high quality tournament experience from 17.

Code of Conduct

Poor sportsmanship and behavior from players, coaches, parents and other guests will not be tolerated during 17 Softball tournaments. We expect all guests to be respectful of each other, as well as the umpires, tournament officials and the opposing team. 17 Softball has the right to remove guests at anytime if they are deemed to be in violation of our Code of Conduct.